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    Broadcaster, is a solution, to provide better media based content.
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    Broadcaster is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for media based content

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If you are a digital media company needing to deliver online content (audio, video, text, banners, etc.) to the web via TV , Radio or Newspapers, - Broadcaster is waiting for you.

Broadcaster does it all by managing the content and viewer submitted images and comments.

For Digital Media based content, Broadcaster is a Sephone built application geared specifically to deliver media based content -Priced competitively to the other solutions, and full of rich and robust features to make any station a star!

No NEED for a NEW website... Broadcaster can be deployed as a stand-alone application to any media company website or any company wanting to be their own media provider.

Want to test drive the new version?- we thought so!

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