History of Broadcaster

What is Broadcaster :
A web-based solution for Media Companies needing to deliver content, (audio, video, text, banners, etc.) via TV or Radio.  And better yet, it is extremely robust and affordably priced to allow small to medium size markets look like the major markets.

Sephone developed "Broadcaster "as an application geared specifically to deliver this media based content.When and where possible, social networking elements are available to 'share' the content with others as well as integrated blogging to invite comments and user submitted content.

Broadcaster was developed in response to a communications company (client) who were originally using a customized version of our datAvenger 4.0 Content Management System (learn more about datAvenger).  Even with the immediate success of the new site, it became obvious that more functionality was in the future to support the ever-growing needs of an online media company.

In response to this, Sephone re-built the customized version into a stand-alone application that would provide the same services as intended, but our own way and with Sephone introduced features.

Not ignoring the original clients needs, Broadcaster includes the basic features, as most are reflected in how the application is deployed.  Broadcaster is what manages the content.  Therefore, Broadcaster can be deployed totally as a stand-alone application to any media company, with or without having a Sephone designed site, or datAvenger as the CMS. The fact that datAvenger integrates seemlessly with Broadcaster, the end result is more cost effective and extremely robust as a relevant and interactive web delivery solution.

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