More Info About Broadcaster

Key Features and Benefits of Sephone's Broadcaster:

  • Secure Login for Site Admins, Producers and Reporters
  • Dash Board for quick views of pending content
    news, sports, weather,
  • Recent Stories
  • Top Stories (as viewed by visitors)
  • RSS Feed Subsribers
  • Recent Blog posts for Broadcaster
  • Recent client Tweets
  • Ability to Manage (publish, tweet, edit, update)
  • News Articles (News, Sports, General),
  • Categories
  • Reporters
  • Weather Reports
  • Alerts
  • See when last updated
  • See what media is attached
  • See if published

  • Ability to Manage Videos
  • upload, replace Article related video (upto 5 minutes)
  • manage commercials/Ads
  • Indicate if Sponsoring News, Sports Weather or General Categories
  • Plays before related/linked article
  • Ability to upload still frame image
  • Ability to upload Sponsor logo
  • Ability to link to Sponsor URL
  • Manage 1-Minute News, Sports and Weather Video (Teasers)
  • Manage User Submitted Comments
  • Edit/Delete
  • Publish
  • Manage User Submitted Images
  • Edit/Delete
  • Publish
  • Manage Section Text
    (Non-Story related content) used to manage:
  • Polls
  • Intro Text
  • Promos
  • Graphics

And the most important feature is that it is extremely affordable in any market and can be used with  your own existing site as an add-on or as part of a new site we deliver to you with datAvenger CMS.

Payment options available; quote available upon request to interested Station Managers.

    For a sample of how Broadcaster works, please contact us for a Demo or visit:
    WABI-TV5 Bangor, Maine
    WCJB-TV20 Gainesville, Florida

    Our Broadcaster Blog

    Contact : Joe Distefano -