Who's using it?

Good question!  Broadcaster was developed for a specific niche of the media market.  Focusing on stations in markets 70 - 200 (DMA 70+) and beyond.  Why?, you ask.

Another good question- and here is the answer-  We believe that content is the way to increase viewers/visitors.  Stations (whether TV or Radio) need to present their content as  quickly and easily as they can to retain their audience in an ever changing and competitive market.  The bottom-line is how quickly and affordably this content can be distributed-  Content,  of course is text, video, images, comments, and the ability to share.

If stations are being held hostage by their web technology providers albeit their current developers, their affiliate network, whatever, and being charged monthly ransoms in order to use their systems to publsh THEIR OWN content- then advertising costs are going to rise.  We all know in this economy that advertising on TV and Radio  isnt what it used to be- so raising fees isnt gonna help an already sqweamish consumer group.

So in order to allow our customers to stay competitive in their specific markets, and to be able to afford robust solutions to deliver media rich content- Broadcaster was developed. 

Try Broadcaster, now

Broadcaster is currently in place in Bangor, Maine http://www.wabi.tv (187) & Gainsville, Florida (134) http://www.wcjb.com.  In addition, Broadcaster is being deployed at the New England School of Communications  http://www.nescom.edu  as a training platform for new media students in TV, Radio and Web production courses.